Very goatee
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Kaz, Quaz, Kazwasex, Qazzy, Qazimoto, Qazimodo, Qazymodo, Qazymoto, Quasian, Q, Qaz is anoob, Qazy, Quack, Casual Sex, Monis Plz, Qazwsx753421
Nationality Asian born, living in Amurrica
Started playing Late August, 2008
Achievements Completionist cape[1], Divine sigil solo[2], Trimmed completionist cape[3]
Clan Too Hard

Known in RuneScape as the Asian Jew,[citation needed] Qaz goes to extremes to retain his DIY (Do it yourself) title. Qaz has been known to achieve 99 mining banking all of his ores, and smelting them to gold bars and then to gold bracelets.




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The almighty Qaz explains his name


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