Started playing 2005
Clan ThinkFirst

Questing is a RuneScape player who started playing in 2005. He was the owner of the Clan Wars pking/luring clan called "ThinkFirst" until August 2013.

Account History


Runescape Progress Video 4 ~ October Week 1 2013

Questing created his first account in 2005 after being introduced to the game at his friends house. He played actively until January 2008 and then quit until 2010. He says, "I only really trained the Cooking skill, I got to level 95 around March 2010. I then quit a second time, and didn't touch the game until 2011."

Questing purchased Runescape membership again in July 2011, and has been active since. He achieved 12 skillcapes, mostly in buyable skills after accumulating a large quantity of gold from running his clan. He had skillcapes in Cooking, Firemaking, Fletching, Magic, Smithing, Woodcutting, Herblore, Crafting, Prayer, Defence, Ranged and Farming. 

Questing achieved his last skillcape (Farming) while livestreaming to his fans in August. He then went inactive for almost a month, until he uploaded a video on September 26th announcing he had been permanently banned for RWT (Real World Trading).[citation needed]

YouTube videos


YES!... NO!

Questing became popular after being featured in a video on the RuneScape community channel, 'ChrisArchieProds'. After being featured on this YouTube channel, Questing gained over 1 thousand YouTube subscribers and published regular videos showing rare items himself, and his clan had lured. The loot in his videos combined a total close to 200 Billion GP. After being banned for Real World Trading in August, Questing has removed all videos from his YouTube channel which may encourage other players to break the rules. Questing now posts progress videos of his new account and claims his only motives are to enjoy the game and be a rule abiding member of the community.

Current Account

Questing is currently only playing Runescape 3 and has no intentions in playing on the oldschool servers. After several conversations with Jmods, he was granted his old display name (Questing) to be transferred to his new account. However as of 27/10/2013, his account was locked and the name display name "Questing" has been removed from the game. If a player tries to add "Questing" to their friends list, a message states that "that player does not exist".

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