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R39 is a player that has started making video's about RuneScape with lovetdwp.

R39 makes his videos at ( he is not the best but not the worst. He is current project is drop log & nex guide for (void)-(armadyl) he is currently trying to get a vls drop. He is not a famous player but is known by a lot of players. He is ranked 105,965 on highscores as he hates skilling.

R39 has been asking players what vid do you want next if you want to ask for a vid get in touch.

How to get in touch. on YouTube

2.join (R39) friends chat

R39 is not a pvp type of player but sometimes mess around in pvp.

R39 Has his private (ON) once a day for 1 hour then is off again.

R39 is mainly in worlds (76) (84) (25) and is in ge/nex a lot.

R39 will be hosting a special event at 200 subs.

R39 has said on (Bonus xp weekend) he will be in lumbridge bank in world 25.

R39 lives in the uk (England) and would like to live in New Zealand.

R39 is looking for someone to make him a intro to his vids he will pick the one he likes and use that R39 says "I would like a intro were something goes bang and R39 name appears ut he will have to see.

R39 has recently uploaded a nex guide to YouTube part 1/2 part 1 is up and part 2 is on the way.

R39 has a new website (not finished) named

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