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RS Jesus, dubbed the King of DarkScape, was the number 1 player in DarkScape. He was an avid player and popular streamer as well. He was the first player in DarkScape to achieve a combat 99, doing so just 5 days after release. He did so by blood-bursting in the abyss with runes he bought with transferred RS3 gold as well as other methods. He got 99 Defence shortly thereafter, making him by far the most powerful player in the game in it's early stages. He was one of the few owners of an Armadyl Godsword in DarkScape, and also could be seen with a Staff of Light before the two week mark. He started the "Noobs" clan which only accepted 120+ combat within the first two weeks of DarkScape. This clan was unstoppable, until other clans grew in size and were able to outnumber the Noobs. They then merged with the biggest clan in DarkScape at the time, Infamous Traitors. RS Jesus is maxed in RS3 and still plays occasionally.

Found in the DarkScape reddit post: RS Jesus and I dancing Screenshot of RS Jesus in DarkScape

Sources: I've known him through his entire DarkScape career. Also most of this information can still be found on the DarkScape reddit. We still talk when he gets on

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