Ra Joefred33
Total level 1711
Combat level 117
Other names iamkool, Peggs
Nationality American
Started playing 2011
Influences Ra Victory
Known for "The Luckiest Player in Runescape"
Clan Red Armies

When Ra Joefred33 was created in 2011 under the name iamkool, it was originally created as an alternate account to his main account, Joefred33. After Joefred33 was hacked in 2013, iamkool became his main account. Two years later, iamkool (Peggs at this time) joined Red Armies and changed his name to Ra Joefred33, in honour of his hacked account. Ra Joefred33 rose to fame after the video of him winning four super-rare purple gems in a row was published to youtube. This video quickly became very famous, and many accused Ra Joefred33 of faking the video. In a reddit forum, Ra Joefred33 showed his winnings; including a Lucky Zamorak Godsword, an Auspicious Katana, Lucky Bandos Tassets, and a Tumbleweed pet. Ra Joefred33 stated in the forum that he always records using his treasure hunter keys, because he ‘always knew something like this would happen’.

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