Other names Moderator
Started playing 4 January 2001 (RuneScape)
Known for First RuneScape player
Clan Wanderers

Rab was reportedly the first player to ever sign up for RuneScape, excluding Jagex Moderators.[1] Rab, along with Lightning, Gugge, and Merlin, was also one of the original members of DeviousMUD, a predecessor of RuneScape.[2] Rab had a Jagex Moderator account called Moderator. His real name is Rob Law.

Rab wrote the Romeo & Juliet quest around four or five months before the release of RuneScape using the scripting language RuneScript. In 2010, he said he wrote the quest partly "because there were a few people speaking of quest writing, and I thought if one outsider wrote one, then perhaps others would and it could be a bigger community."[3] The quest was removed from RuneScape in 2010 because Jagex felt its quality and creativity was below expectations.[4] However, the quest still exists in Old School RuneScape and RuneScape Classic. Rab was also one of the creators of the quest Prince Ali Rescue,[5] which was removed from RuneScape on 26 September 2012.


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