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Rackleflackl in favorite battle gear.

Combat Level 115 Highest Skill Strength (90)
Lowest Skill Dungeoneering (61)

Rackleflackl is one of the older-aged players on the game and is noted for making Machinima videos for the YouTube channel that shares his name. His son Steven, whose character Raiyu Kein often plays the "Insane Chicken Man" in Rackleflackl's videos, got him started playing the game. Raiyu Kein barely plays anymore, but his father continues to be a member (most of the time) to this day.

Racklelfackl is often called Rack or Rackle for short, and his videos became popular after Excl featured one of them on his channel. He's rather hard to catch on the game as he plays very eclectically, but players who meet him generally agree he's usually personable and will often do favors for complete strangers.