Rain Squall is a retired player of Runescape. Whilst he's not famous in big circles, he is known to be an exotic car collector, who owns a very rare classic sports car in real life. His private chat is set to online, and is usually seen in a Green H'ween Mask, Builder's Boots, Bomber Jacket, Zuriel's Staff, Holy Book, and Guthix Stole.

He's good friends with a couple of high ranked Danish players, one of whom is a highly renowned master of the slayer skill. He also started playing Runescape in 2001. On a personal note, he is known for his sharp, acute, often blunt wit, and usually makes people cry in real life however, he doesn't break the rules. He's outspoken on Price Manipulation clans causing inflation, and the economy as a whole.

Charge Them doesn't have any 99s, but his achievements are: Winning a Duel Tournament, and being one of the first people to complete the Smoking Kills quest. (Approximately 5 minutes after it was released). He has done pretty much everything in the game, except for Killing the Corporeal Beast, Quests (Which he finds boring), and getting a 99 skill. However, his experience is often of intrigue and he has had padawans over the years, as well as giving advice to a number of players.

Despite his Private Chat being set to 'on', his CC requires a person to have a minimum rank of Corporal to gain access. Otherwise, he's a decent guy.

There are unconfirmed reports that he has resumed playing, and can currently be found in on world 23. It is reported that he actually died against an Iron Dragon because he was reading the news on another site. He is currently merching and biding his time. We'll update you when we get more update! ~ The RuneSpy Agents. News just in: His current addiction is the Barrows minigame - he has 89 Magic, though he only had 82 on the last report when we checked his stats.

Over time, he got his magic to 90. It seems he managed to rack up 115mil to afford a Green H'ween Mask.

It is rumoured he has been seen as of late but according to our sources no knowledge of confirmed sightings of him have been seen. It is assumed that he has permanently disappeared.

NEWS JUST IN! It seems the player known as 'Rain Squall' is NOT the original player to carry the name, but in fact was taken by a female player by the name of Alison.

We've checked the account and it seems there has been no activity regarding Rain Squall. We believe the original bearer of the name retired a long time ago, and Alison, the girl who owns the name seems to be inactive. It could be she is not a member and simply stays logged in to the lobby.

--The RuneSpy Agents.