Total level 2,277
Combat level 126
Other names Randy
Known for Being rank 5 overall

Being the first person to obtain 200 million Construction XP in Old School RuneScape
Being the owner of the Hexis clan


Randalicious is the rank 5 player overall on Old School RuneScape as of 13 March 2018.[1] He is the first person to get 200 million experience in Construction, which he obtained on 23 July 2015. He was also the first person to get 200 million experience in 6 skills (Cooking, Fletching, Crafting, Herblore, Thieving, and Construction), which he attained on 4 October 2015.[2] As of 13 March 2018, he has 200 million experience in 12 skills and 3.4 billion overall experience.[1]

He has a YouTube channel where he mainly includes podcasts, his achievements, and his thoughts on Old School RuneScape development blogs and Q&A's. His YouTube channel has 3,446 subscribers.[3] His Twitch channel has 9,504 followers as of 13 March 2018.[2]

Randalicious is the owner of the clan Hexis. Hexis is a skilling clan for those who are ranked top 500 in efficient hours played on Crystal Math Labs, an Old School RuneScape experience tracker.[4]


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