Red Norse007 is the leader of 'The Death Stars' clan, one of the largest official clans in Runescape history. 'The Death Stars' is unique in that it is the first social clan in Runescape history - a clan dedicated to the members interests alone.

During one of his first playing sessions, he was given a generous coin donation through one of Larryr's charity movements, and has since then used his time and coins to aid other players.

Despite playing since 2006, Red Norse007 has no maxed skills, and has instead focused on a 'just-for-fun' mode of playing, particularly in the Construction skill. Red Norse007 frequently spends time skilling with The Leopard9, the current Deputy Leader of 'The Death Stars'.

Red Norse007 is known to frequent worlds 71 and 83, and is believed to be a UK based player.

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