Redefinition is a pure F2P Canadian RuneScape player, known mainly for being the first and only low-Defence pure to max the F2P game. He has a total level of 1607 and is level 50 Defence, with the rest of his F2P skills level 99 (and 120 Dungeoneering). Redefinition maxed his account on December 26th, 2014. He is also notably the third F2P player to achieve 99 Fletching, after Meneer Naab and Medieval Kid.  

Redefinition participates in many different parts of the F2P game. Having over 1 billion XP, he is clearly proficient at skilling. That being said, he is adamant (pun intended) about his playing style, claiming to "ignore XP rates and instead do whatever is fun!".

Additionally, he is seriously involved with the Dungeoneering community. He created the current F2P Dungeoneering Records Sheets, which he runs alone. He has also written several Dungeoneering guides which are used throughout F2P and can be found on the DG Family forums. 

He is also well-known in the PvP community, particularly in World 33 (Legacy-only PvP) where he has made billions of gold in risk-fights.

Redefinition Oct-14-2016.png

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