Total level 2736
Combat level 138
Nationality USA
Started playing 2004
Achievements Trimmed Completionist
Known for Youtube, and Twitch

Regicidal, also known as Mod Lee, is a Jagex Moderator who has a total level of 2736. He has surpassed one billion total experience, and on the 18th of June 2014, finally unlocked his Trimmed Completionist Cape.

He is known for his RuneScape raps and the "RuneScape Rap Battles of History". His friends chat is called ROS (Regicidal Or Suicidal) and has a clan called BANGBANGSHOOTEMGANG. He is a big fan of bowling and now does regular Livestreams on the RuneScape Twitch Channel on Twitch. He also has a personal twitch channel called: RealRegicidal where he streams every Thursday and Saturday night.

His first mixtape "Making History" was released in 2011 and his second one "Rune Bars" was released in 2013. Mod Lee is the one who implemented the passive effect to Drygore Longswords in July 2015.[citation needed]

YouTube History

Lee made his YouTube account on July 13th 2006, at the age of 13, and was the 6th Runescape video maker at that time, as well as being the 4th RSMV video maker. He started making a new music video every week, up to the point where he had made over 50 RSMV's.

His account had masses of support, and ended up being extremely popular from 2006-2008. But then towards the end of 2008, Lee closed his channel to try and focus more on his school work and changing his life. But 6 months later, in 2009, he re-opened it, and began to try and re-build his channel. He re-opened the channel with the release of the Attack RSMV, but then due to copyright, he couldn't really make RSMV's anymore.

He then began to focus more on making Runescape commentaries, skits and other original ideas. He has been making Runescape video's ever since, such as raps, guides and commentaries. Lee now continues to make video's, usually about something he wants to talk about, and he calls these his 'Story Time'. His channel (Regicidal1) has over 47 thousand subscribers, and over 6 million views in total.

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