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Total level RS3: 2736

OSRS: 1357

Other names Rellenge
Started playing 2004
Achievements Player Moderator
Known for Being helpful and kind
Clan Welcome

Rell is a Player Moderator within the MMORPG called RuneScape.

Friends Chat

Rell's friends chat is known for some interesting conversations when it comes to anything and everything RuneScape. The most known character from Rell's friends chat is 'Sweetcorn' a friend of Rell's whom is a chef and has a keen eye. The overall flow of Rell's friends chat can be an enlightening experience. The chat has mainly been used as laid back guide.

'Rell's Friends Chat has a notably larger base of Veteran players. Wether they're playing RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape. 'Sweetcorn' 'Fe Scare' 'Farmer Brown' and 'DividedStory'

The Friends Chat is also home to a competition between two friends 'Fe Scare' and 'AussMan' in their fight to get the higher overall level on their Ironmen via Old School RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape W302

This world in particular is one that Rell finds herself hanging out in the most. W302 is commonly known as the most popular world with it's original source world 1 & world 2 in RuneScape 2/RuneScape 3.

Rell can be found standing at the Grand Exchange, or at the Grand Exchange leveling her cooking and firemaking.

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