Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Nationality New Zealand
Started playing 2007
Clan Peritia

Renee is a well known player from New Zealand, known for being one of the best players from the New Zealand server World 12.

Renee was previously known from when they were ranked in the friends chat Flowers W12 as a General Ranked Host in Flower Poker and they spent a lot of time with the community around the Grand Exchange.

Renee gave up hosting Flower Poker in 2013 to achieve the Max Cape, they achieved this alongside Completionist Cape all within 2013 leading to her popularity among World 12.

Renee peaked to the Top 1000 players of Runescape at one point but increasingly declined through the ranks, it is believed this is due to them obtaining the Trimmed Completionist Cape on 12/11/2015.

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