The RuneScape player, Rich Back began playing RuneScape in late 2007, with his first username Popz71. He can usually be found playing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) worlds 321 or 322. He plays Nintendo and Super Mario games. He is a fan of Brigitte Nielsen and he has seen many movies such as The King's Speech or Terminator 3. He played steadily for a year and then was on and off for about 3 years of F2P afterwards. He returned in 2011 to enjoy new updates such as Dungeoneering and the return of The Wilderness. However, the same year he created a new account called Raxivo, another F2P account.


Rich achieved 99 Woodcutting, Cooking, Firemaking, and Fishing on his new account and began levelling up all of his F2P skills. He also got 106 combat.

Evolution of Combat and Old School RuneScape

Rich lost interest in the game in October 2012 and decided to stop playing. Evolution of Combat (EOC) was released a month later but when OSRS came out, he got mem

Rich achieving 91 Slayer.

bership. He still plays OSRS daily and enjoys training Slayer.  His current total level is 1926, a combat level of 122 and currently has 99 Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Cooking, and Fletching. 

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