Riddle Art is a Community based player. He worked as a RuneZone DJ from late January 2012 until October 29th 2012. Over this time Riddle helped out in many events, a 24 hour DJ session and worked for a small period of time on the Content Team. While Riddle was part of RuneZone he made a YouTube channel known as RZriddle. This channel is making content every now and then. As of around March 2013 Riddle was permanently banned from RuneZone for disagreeing with the Senior Leaders.

After Riddle was finished with RuneZone he started to appear in livestreams and videos from players such as "Will Miss It" and "RSMurderer". He also made a joint series with "RSMurderer" called "PVM Period" which is currently on 9 episodes.

As of the 14th November 2013 Riddle was officially and publicly part of the CRU (Community Roundup) which is a post that is put onto the RuneScape website every 2 weeks.

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