Rion avatar.png
Total level 2736
Combat level 138
Achievements Completionist Cape
4 200m Skills

Rion is a currently active completionist player. Rion created the account back in 2004 as a secondary account. Rion quit RuneScape in 2007 before coming back to RS in 2009 to his main account. He Maxed in November 2012. Rion obtained the Completionist cape in Febuary 2013. He was a former member of the clan Maxed, and is now a member of zer0 pvm. As of February 2018, he has just over 3.14 billion XP. Rion claims to still be a virgin.[1]



Completion date
Defence-icon.png 99 Defence 23/11/2006
Hunter-icon.png 99 Hunter 01/11/2012
Dungeoneering-icon.png 120 Dungeoneering 17/02/2013
Cooking-icon.png 120 Cooking 10/02/2014
Coins.png Max Cash Stack 26/05/2014
Firemaking-icon.png 120 Firemaking 10/06/2014
Rs3-xp-icon.png 1 Billion XP 12/04/2014

Future Goals

Rion has recently aimed to go for 30m base exp in each skill, which he has almost achieved. He is only 4 million Construction XP away from this goal.

Rion also has confirmed he aims to go for 120 Prayer and Herblore by the end of 2015. As of 2018, he has achieved 120 Prayer, and is still working on Herblore.


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