Robin l-lood in real life

Robin l-lood in Skirmish Armor

Robin l-lood in Sag

Robin l-lood is a player that started in 2002 with many different accounts that had one thing in common, they loved to range. He started off in the Varrock Army and use to be known as "Sniper Ops". After several years of training and learning discipline through the military, his career refined his natural talents even further.

Sniper Ops had trained his range diligently, learning what worked best, when and how to be effective with the bow regardless of what type of opponent he faced. After years of mastering the tiniest details in the range skill he felt it was time to meet his idol, Robin l-lood. Sniper traveled long and far to meet this legendary idol, he so desperately sought to learn from, and finally found him all the way out in Burgh De Rott. It was there that Sniper Ops learned his hero Robin l-lood, was a shell of him former self, a drunk, in the middle of nowhere, using his fame to indulge even further in his drunken life style. Disappointed the former Sniper, "Sniper Ops" took his name and has brought the legend back to life becoming the one and true Robin l-lood.[clarification needed]

Robin l-lood and Ozan

Robin l-lood's contributions

Robin l-lood has played RuneScape over 10 years in that time, he took his skills and love of combat to dueling (battling range only for over 200 million a fight, this to Robin l-lood justified "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor") winning over 3 billion in his time (losing most of it) and donating well over 300 million to the community and another 100 million to players he knew, before he lost his wealth.

Robin l-lood distributed his winnings randomly to both players in P2P and F2P, sometimes in gold, sometimes in supplies such as an upgraded weapon for somebody who was training combat.

Robin l-lood has taken several players under his wings and has trained them as effective rangers through both advice and supplies; he has also mentored them in RuneScape in general.

Most recently Robin l-lood has donated over 15 mill to the "Well of GoodWill" and plans to donate even more.

Robin l-lood has surpassed 100 million range XP as of 18th January 2014.

Robin l-lood has been in the clan known as the "Green Bandits" for the last several years, they were the perfect match for his notorious outlaw lifestyle. However the bandits have slowly died off and Robin l-lood now resides in the clan "72" with some of his former "Green Bandit" clan mates and is enjoying relaxing, while handling real life.

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