RuneScape 2 Original Highscores
Combat level ???
Known for Highscores Glitch in 2005.

Rose734 is a RuneScape player. Known for the RuneScape 2 Highscore glitch. Topping every single player in the game on the Highscores randomly on March 6, 2005. Not much is known. From information gathered directly from Andrew Gower & Mod Mat K the note left on the account said "Most likely caused by random memory corruption." The account was permanently banned immediately after topping all the players on the Highscores.

The Return:

Years later nothing about this incident was ever explained. Although On March 6, 2015 the same day the incidient occured a post appeared on the Old School Runescape Reddit boards regarding the account "Rose734." The owner of the account was willing to play again. The account was unbanned by Jagex on March 8, 2015.

Comments left by Mod Mat K:

"It's quite fascinating this account, we're having a look to see if we can reset the prayer level."

"Here's a note from Andrew on the account:

"Most likely caused by random memory corruption"

We can reset the level now (we couldn't back then) but I want to check with some people before we do in case it breaks anything."

"Right, just spoken to the Technical Director and we don't think it'll break anything.... And to be sure we're going to download the profile onto our test servers and run it through a few tests. This may take a couple of days."

"Should all be sorted for you now. We have stuck some membership on it too to get you going."



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