RuneScape is a Java-based popular game created by Jagex Ltd. It's a fantasy MMORPG in which takes place in Medieval Times. It is a free game and the free version of the game has a limit of quests, monsters, items, weapons, skills armour and areas to go to or have access to, but there is also membership to play the full game itself. You level up skills, complete various quests, chat with hundreds of friends, fight and defeat monsters, and go on an adventure all around Gielinor!

Types of People Around RuneScape

  • F2P; F2p; Free-to-play (non-member)- Free Players, only the players who haven't paid for membership.
  • P2P; P2p; Members- Players who have paid membership to access the full gaming experience of RuneScape.
  • Jagex Moderator; Jagex Moderator; J-Mod- Jagex staff that checks on game for errors, conflicts or bugs.
  • Player Moderator; Player Moderator; P-Mod- Trusted players that are good, that has the ability to mute rule breakers.
  • Non-Player Character; NPC- Is a character on RuneScape that is not controlled by a player, some are involved in quests, miniquests, minigames, etc.

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