The RuneScape Players Wiki is a wiki about participants in the role-playing game RuneScape.

About the RuneScape Players Wiki

The RuneScape Players Wiki was created on 30 April 2009 by Joe, also known by his username "2+2=4. Probably". Since then, 3,187 articles have been created on the wiki. This wiki is about players of all versions of RuneScape, including RuneScape 3, Old School RuneScape, and RuneScape Classic. The articles on this wiki are intended for informational and entertainment purposes; however, articles intended as a joke should not be created on this wiki.


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Anyone can edit on the RuneScape Players Wiki. Editing on the wiki is simple, just click the "Edit" button that appears beside the title or section of a page. The wiki has a list of policies and guidelines that underline good editing practices.

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