The administrator requests page helps assist users who need the help of an administrator or bureaucrat. This page lists steps you can take if you need help in a certain area.

Requesting a page be deleted
  • If, and only if the page meets the criteria for speedy deletion criteria, tag the page with {{subst:Speedy delete|reason}}, replacing "reason" with the speedy deletion criterion the article meets.
  • If the page does not meet the speedy deletion criteria, you have two options:
    • If you feel the deletion of the page would be uncontroversial, tag the article with {{subst:Proposed deletion|reason}}. The article will be deleted after 7 days if no-one objects to its deletion.
    • If you feel the deletion of the page might be controversial, or someone has removed the proposed deletion template you added onto the article, you can start a deletion discussion, where members of the community discuss whether a page should be deleted.

Requesting a page be undeleted
  • If the page has undergone a successful deletion discussion and been deleted, you may recreate the page. Just note: If the page has not been substantially improved, it may be deleted per the criteria for speedy deletion.
  • You can also contact an active administrator and request the page be undeleted.
Requesting a page be protected/unprotected
  • To request a page be protected or unprotected, contact an active administrator. Please read over our protection policy and explain to the administrator which criterion the page meets before requesting page protection. Otherwise, the page may not be protected.
Editing or moving a page that is protected
  • If the page is fully protected from editing and page moves, you need to contact an active administrator to edit or move the page.
  • If the page is only semi-protected from editing or page moves, then an autoconfirmed user (a user who has editing for 4 days and has 10 edits) can help you.
Requesting a user be blocked/unblocked
  • Contact an active administrator if you want to request a user be blocked. If the user is clearly vandalizing, and an administrator is not around, you can also contact a member of the Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) to help you. If you need immediate assistance, you can join #wikia-vstfconnect (the VSTF's IRC channel). On #wikia-vstf, members of the VSTF are voiced (+).
Requesting additional permissions (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.)
  • Rollback: If you want to request rollback rights, contact an active bureaucrat.
  • Administrator, bureaucrat: To request administrator or bureaucrat permissions, leave a request at the Requests for adminship page.
  • Bot: To request approval to do a fully-automated task, you should get approval at the Watercooler. To obtain the bot flag for your account to do a semi-automated task, contact an active bureaucrat.
  • Removal: If you want to request someone have certain rights removed from their account, start a community discussion at the Watercooler.
Discussions about administrator behaviour
  • Discussions about administrator behaviour should first be brought up with the administrator themselves. If you are dissatisfied with their response, you can take your concern to the Watercooler. If you have already started a discussion and are further dissatisfied with the response, you can contact Wikia staff at Special:Contact/general with your concern.
Help using the administrator or bureaucrat tools
Anything else
  • If you need help with anything else that may require administrator tools, you can contact an active administrator with your request.

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