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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, assume that a user's actions on the wiki were an attempt to help improve it, not hurt it.

Assume good faith is a fundamental principle on the RuneScape Players Wiki. Assuming good faith means assuming that a user's action was an attempt to help improve the wiki, not to hurt it, unless there is conclusive evidence to the contrary (for example, vandalism). This policy does not prohibit discussion or criticism.

Good faith

Users make mistakes, and these mistakes can be corrected with notices or reminders. Do not revert an edit in which you can reasonably assume was done in good faith, or label it as vandalism. Rather, leave a comment explaining the problem or error. When disagreements occur, it is important to keep a cool head, and avoid personal attacks.

Be patient with the newcomers, as they may be unfamiliar with our policies and guidelines, but later turn out to become very valuable contributors.

Bad faith

Actions which may be considered bad faith are vandalism and personal attacks. Actions not done in good faith may lead to a block.