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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Users and IP addresses may be blocked to help prevent disruption on the RuneScape Players Wiki.

Blocking is how administrators prevent a user account or IP address from editing the RuneScape Players Wiki. Blocked users and IP addresses can read all the articles, but cannot edit any pages except for their talk page (in most cases). Blocked users are also prevented from moving pages or uploading files. If editors think that their block is unfair, they can ask for the block to be reviewed.


Blocks are used to prevent disruption to the wiki, and to deter users from repeating this behaviour. Administrators may block IP addresses or usernames that disrupt the wiki.

Keep in mind that blocking may not be used:

  • to gain an advantage in a content dispute;
  • if a warning would suffice instead, and,
  • where there is no issue with a user's actions.

Block rationale

A block may be used in response to:

Indefinite blocks may be used on users (not IP addresses) if they have an inappropriate username, engage in sock puppetry or are only used on the wiki to cause disruption. For cases of minor vandalism, the block duration should not be longer than a few days. IP's should generally not be banned for more than six months in any instance.

Appealing a block

Blocked editors who wish to appeal their block can add the unblock template to their talk page with the reason they think they should be unblocked. This will add them to Category:Block appeals. Users who abuse the block appeals process (by continually making block appeals) may be prevented from editing their talk page.

Range blocks

In some cases, users with dynamic IP addresses may attack the wiki. In these cases, it may be best to range block their IP so even when they change it they still cannot edit. For more information on range blocks, see this page. Administrators can use the range calculator to determine an appropriate range of IP's to block.

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