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For a simple introduction, see Help:Cite.

A citation (also known as a reference) is a line of text that identifies a source. Citations are important in identifying where information from an article has come from. There are several templates that can be used to cite sources.

Defining reliable sources

The reliability of a source depends on its context. The source should be carefully judged to determine whether or not it is suitable for use. Generally, the more people analyzing a piece of writing before publication, the more reliable the source. Content from Jagex Moderators, the player whom the topic concerns, or sites with sufficient editorial oversight are usually considered suitable.

Examples of sources generally considered reliable are listed below.

  • Jagex news posts
  • Jagex Moderator forum posts
  • Content from Jagex approved pages from Jagex's RuneScape Wiki
  • Forum posts made by the player whom the topic concerns
  • The website of the player whom the article concerns
  • Rune Tips, Sal's Realm and RuneHQ (generally not including the forums)

Self-published sources are generally not considered reliable if they are not from the player whom the topic concerns. In addition, forum or blog posts are normally not appropriate, since they can be posted by anyone and they usually have no editorial oversight. Questionable sources (sources with a poor reputation for checking facts) are usually unsuitable for use on this wiki.

When to cite sources

By citing sources, you allow people to verify the information written in an article is accurate, while improving the credibility of the RuneScape Players Wiki. There are several times that citations are required in an article:

  • Quoting someone
  • Facts likely to be challenged or that are disputed
  • Potentially defamatory or contentious content


For the RuneScape Players Wiki, verifiability means viewers can find information contained in the site in a reliable source. Information about players that is not directly related to their gaming careers must be verifiable.