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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Participate in a respectful way, and do not direct insults at another.

Everyone should treat others with civility—with politeness and respect. This is in order to keep the focus on improving the wiki and maintain a pleasant environment. This page describes how users are expected to interact with each other.

Being civil

Disagreements will happen in a collaborative project such as the RuneScape Players Wiki. Uncivil comments can escalate to personal arguments that do not focus at the problem being discussed. Therefore, it is important that users treat others with respect and courtesy. Discussion of other editors should be limited to polite comments about their actions.

Users are expected to be cooperative with others and refrain from making personal attacks. Attempt to treat others as respected colleagues with whom you are working with.


Incivility occurs when someone makes personal attacks against another, is rude or otherwise disrespectful. Repeated instances of incivility from an individual is disruptive, and may result in a block.