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See also: Candidates for speedy deletion and Candidates for delayed speedy deletion

The criteria for speedy deletion specify the cases in which administrators may bypass deletion discussion and immediately delete RuneScape Players Wiki pages. Before considering speedy deletion, consider whether or not the page can be improved, merged or redirected elsewhere, and make sure that there is not a good page revision it can be reverted to.

The criteria for delayed speedy deletion describe articles which should be deleted after a period of three days. Like articles which meet the speedy deletion criteria, these pages can be deleted without discussion.

Besides speedy deletion, there are other methods of deletion:


To request a page be deleted, tag the page with {{subst:speedy delete|reason}} (or <noinclude>{{subst:speedy delete|reason(s) for deletion}}</noinclude> for template pages). Remember to inform the user who created the page of the speedy deletion nomination with {{subst:CSD-notify|page|reason}}.


These apply to all namespaces:

G1. Nonsense
Pages consisting of incoherent text or gibberish with no meaningful content or history.

G2. Vandalism or obvious hoaxes
This includes blatant and obvious misinformation, blatant hoaxes (including images intended to misinform), and redirects created from page-move vandalism.

G3. Attack pages
Pages that threaten, intimidate or harass their subject and serve no other purpose.

G4. Recreation of a page that was deleted per a deletion discussion
A sufficiently unimproved copy of a page that was deleted per a deletion discussion should be deleted.

G5. Author or subject of page requests deletion
If requested provided that the only substantial content to the page was added by its author. In addition, a player can request a page about themselves be speedily deleted if there is no indication the player is notable. If the only author blanks a page other than a user page, this can be taken as a deletion request.

G6. Advertising
Pages that exclusively advertise its topic may be deleted.

G7. Copyright infringements

G8. Lone talk pages
Talk pages of a page which does not exist should be deleted.

G9. Test pages
These are pages used to test certain tools on the wiki. Tests should instead be done at the sandbox or in the user namespace. One may also test a template can also be done in template namespace.

G10. Technical deletions
Uncontroversial maintenance, such as:
  • Deleting pages created in error
  • Deleting a page to remove a page revision that violates RSP:REVDEL
  • Reverting page move vandalism (by supressing the redirect, see RSP:CUST)
  • Moving files to a more descriptive or consistent title (by supressing the redirect)


A1. No content
Articles which consist only of empty templates, the title repeated, or otherwise do not describe the subject of the article at all.

A2. No context
Articles that do not provide enough information to identify an article's topic. It usually just contains basic information about the player's membership status, activity and/or player status. Some examples, for an article concerning a player called Rab:
  • "Rab is a player"
  • "Rab is free-to-play"
  • "Rab quit"

A3. Article which consists primarily of non-neutral content
Articles should meet the neutral point of view policy. This means, for example, opinions should not be stated as facts.

A4. Articles unrelated to RuneScape players

A5. Clan/group pages, excluding a page which focuses on a list of players in a clan
Clan or group pages can instead be created at the RuneScape Clans Wiki.

A6. Articles in a foreign language
There are several RuneScape Players Wikis in other languages in which you may create the article.

A7. An article that duplicates an existing topic
An article that duplicates another topic, does not improve upon the existing article, and is not a plausible redirect may be deleted.


R1. Redirects, apart from shortcuts, from one namespace to another

R2. Redirects to a page that does not exist

R3. Redirects that make no sense
For example, redirecting Zezima to Jagex Moderator.


F1. Redundant
Unused duplicate or lower quality copies of another file.

F2. Corrupt or empty image

F3. Pornographic images or media


C1. Unpopulated categories
Categories that have been unpopulated for several days, with the exception of categories under a deletion discussion.

C2. Renaming and merging
For example, fixing typographic errors in a category name.

User pages

U1. User request
Personal user pages (but not user talk pages) may be deleted upon request by the user.

U2. Non-existent user
User pages of users that do not exist, except for redirects of misspellings of an established user's user page, and for the previous name of a renamed user may be deleted.

Delayed speedy delete

Articles which meet the criteria for delayed speed deletion may also be deleted without discussion. However, unlike articles which meet the criteria for speedy deletion, these require a wait period of three days. Articles that meet this criteria should use {{subst:CSDdelay|reason}}. (Remember to inform the user who created the page of the speedy deletion nomination with {{subst:CSDdelay-notify|page|reason}}.) If the concern specified is not met within the specified period, the article may be deleted.

  1. Unused non-free file


  1. Articles that seem to be about non-notable subjects.
  2. Stubs or very short articles, as long as they identify the context of the article.
  3. Author deletion requests made in bad faith.