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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Administrators have the ability to delete and undelete pages in accordance to deletion policies and deletion discussion.

The deletion policy explains the processes for deleting pages and revisions on this wiki. Administrators have the ability to delete, or remove a page from public view. They also have the ability to view deleted pages and undelete them.


There are several processes for deletion.

Speedy deletion

Pages can be deleted without discussion if they meet one of the criteria for speedy deletion. Speedy deletion is meant to delete pages that are obviously inappropriate on the RuneScape Players Wiki and which have consensus to bypass a deletion discussion.

To request a page be speedily deleted, tag the article with {{subst:speedy delete|reason}}. Remember to inform the user who created the page of the speedy deletion nomination with {{subst:CSD-notify|page|reason}}.

Delayed speedy delete

The criteria for delayed speedy delete describe articles which should be deleted after three days. Like articles which meet the speedy deletion criteria, these pages can be deleted without discussion.

To nominate a page for delayed speedy deletion, tag the article with {{subst:CSDdelay|reason}}. Remember to inform the user who created the page of the delayed speedy deletion nomination with {{subst:CSDdelay-notify|page|reason}}.

Proposed deletion

A user who believes an article is an obvious and uncontroversial candidate for deletion may propose the article be deleted. To propose an article be deleted, tag it with {{subst:proposed deletion|reason}}, and inform the creator of the article about it with {{subst:PROD-notify|article|reason}}. If no one objects to the deletion after seven days, the article can be deleted. If someone objects, the proposed deletion process must be aborted. Proposed deletion only applies to articles in the mainspace.

Deletion discussion

Pages that don't fall in the two above categories can go through a deletion discussion at RuneScape Players Wiki:Deletion discussions. Discussion should last at least seven days; after that, an administrator may delete the page if there is consensus to do so.

Deleting page revisions

Users with the "deleterevision" right, such as members of the VSTF, have the ability to delete entries in a page history or log. Revisions of a page should only be deleted in the following instances:

  1. Obvious copyright violations.
  2. Grossly offensive and degrading material that has no encyclopedic value and is not factual.
  3. Completely disruptive material including harassment, grossly inappropriate threats, links to shock pages, phishing pages, other hazardous pages and links to pages that threaten an individual without serving any other purpose.
  4. IP requests removal of IP address from non-vandalism edits.