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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Don't use edits to fight with each other, try to resolve the conflict through discussion.

Edit warring happens when editors who disagree about the content of a page repeatedly override each other's contributions, and do not try to resolve the disagreement by discussion. Users who engage in edit warring may be blocked.

Users should not make more than three reverts on any one page in a period of twenty-four hours. Edit warring can include deletion, restoration, uploading, protection, and blocking. This rule applies per person, not per account, and will usually lead to a 12 to 24 hour block for a first offence. Even without a 3RR violation, an administrator may still act if it is believed a user's behaviour constitutes edit warring.

There are certain exemptions to 3RR, listed below.

  • Reverting obvious vandalism, such as page blanking and inserting nonsense
  • Reverting your own actions
  • Reverting edits to your own user space
  • Removal of copyright violations
  • Removal of obviously libellous or biased material
  • Removal of unsourced, questionable personal information