Combat Level 126
Member No
Status Active
Started playing 2006
Seifador3 is a pure free player with a frightening style, but very polite. Always found alone and silent, he keeps focused in his goals to reach the top rank of the 100% free players and with it, the title of pure free maxed.

Also known for his fighting abilities, this player has many kills in the wilderness, one of the few to have already killed the legendary player Zezima and made special participation in wars with the clans Damage Incorporated and Corruption.

He remained triumphant in the closed tournament for elite players known only as Masters. He was the undefeated champion for five years when the championship occurred.

Most often he is seen wearing simple clothes, but also with a w

ide range of rare items. One of his most characteristic items is the grim reaper hood, used to keep his face hidden. There are no reports of players who have seen his face.

Always seen wandering mysteriously in RuneScape, Seifador3 is attracting stares and admiration of many players over the years.

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