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The images and media policy describes the preferred quality, name and usage of files in articles.

File quality and use in articles

Images should clearly depict their subject matter and contain no compression artifacts. The main subject should also be in focus, and the image should contain no distracting elements (for this reason it may be necessary to crop the image).

Any files that you add to an article should increase the readers' understanding of the subject matter. The file should also be used for a purpose that cannot be fulfilled by text. It is for this reason chat box images should not be used. Images of your bank assets are also not recommended in articles.

Uploading files

When uploading a file, make sure that its name is descriptive. The preferred image file type is .png. For example:

  • Full body images of a player should be titled "File:Player name.png" (full body images can be found on the main site using name/full.gif)
  • Chat head images should be titled "File:Player name chat head.png" (chat head images can be found on the main site using name/chat.gif)

In addition, be sure to add the files to an appropriate category. A list of image categories can be found here.

Copyright and licensing

Own work

User-created files must be licensed under a free license (such as GFDL) or released into the public domain, which removes all copyright restrictions. Such files can include ones you took yourself; however, it does not include in-game screenshots or images of the RuneScape site.

Free licenses

If the owner of a file has released it under an acceptable free license, then it can be used on the RuneScape Players Wiki.

Public domain files

Public domain files are not copyrighted and anyone can use them in any way and for any purpose. The public domain template can be used to label these files.

Non-free files

Fully copyrighted images, audio and video (this includes in-game screenshots and artwork made by Jagex[1][2]) are considered non-free. As stated above, these files should only be used in instances that increase the readers' understanding of the subject matter. You can use the fair use template to fill in licensing information for the image.


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