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This page shows a former guideline on the RuneScape Players Wiki that was removed per Forum:Removing some policies and guidelines. This page is kept for reference.

On the RuneScape Players Wiki, notability decides whether a topic can have its own article. All stand-alone articles on this wiki should meet the notability criteria. The notability guideline was implemented on 18 August 2014 after Forum:Notability closed as successful.


A topic is considered notable if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The topic has been mentioned by a reliable source independent of the subject itself.[nb 1]
    • In 2007, Zezima was mentioned in a study done by Cartoon Network's New Generations show.[1]
    • In 2008, Andrew and Paul were listed as the UK's eleventh richest young entrepreneurs by The Daily Telegraph.[2]
  2. The subject has won a RuneScape-related award.
    • Excl won the RuneScape Machinima Contest in 2009.[3]
    • Will Miss It won the Golden Gnome Award for Best YouTube Channel during RuneFest 2013.[4]
  3. The subject has inspired, made a significant contribution, or is named after a RuneScape-related item or feature.
    • Before being removed, Erin the duck was named after Saber Six in Old School RuneScape.[5]
  4. The subject was the first or one of the first to achieve a significant milestone in the game. A significant milestone includes achieving level 99 or 200 million experience in a skill, achieving the maximum total skill level, or achieving the maximum combat level possible.
    • Rab created the first RuneScape account.[6]
    • Acid Soul was the first player to achieve 200 million Mining experience in Old School RuneScape.[7]
  5. The subject is or has been ranked at the top or near the top of the hiscores in a skill or activity for a significant period of time.
  6. The player has won several seasonal hiscores competitions.
    • Zezima has won 9 seasonal hiscores competitions as of 18 August 2014.[8]
  7. The player has multiple thousand subscribers or their videos have multiple million views on YouTube. On Twitch, the player has multiple thousand followers or multiple hundred thousand video views.
    • NightmareRH has 209 thousand subscribers and 64 million video views as of 18 August 2014.[9]
  8. The player has multiple thousand Twitter followers.
    • Alkan has 8,028 followers on Twitter as of 18 August 2014.[10]
  9. The player is the leader of, was the leader of, or created a popular clan.
    • Dragonseance is the owner of Efficiency Experts, which is ranked first in the overall clan hiscores and has 431 members as of 18 August 2014.[11]
  10. The player created a popular RuneScape fansite.
  11. At least one reliable source states the player is a well-known or one of the most well-known players, player killers, pures, skillers, or video makers. The reliable source must not be from the player the topic concerns.
    • Tip.It said Excl is one of the "is one of many well-known RuneScape video makers on YouTube."[13]
    • Mod MMG stated Zezima was arguably the most famous player of RuneScape.[14]
  12. The article is about a Jagex Moderator.
  13. The article concerns a type of player status or moderator.
  14. The topic concerns a month or year that RuneScape has been in existence.


  1. An independent source is a source that has no connection to the subject. See this page for further information.


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