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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Policies and guidelines underline good practices accepted by the RuneScape Players Wiki community. Edits to policies and guidelines should reflect consensus.

Policies and guidelines underline good practices accepted by the RuneScape Players Wiki community. Any changes to a policy and guidelines should reflect consensus.

Policies have wide acceptance by editors and describe standards that all users should normally follow. A list of policies can be found at Category:Policies.

Guidelines are sets of best practices that are supported by consensus. Editors should attempt to follow guidelines, though they are best treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions may apply. A list of guidelines can be found at Category:Guidelines.

If an editor violates the standards present in policies and guidelines, editors can persuade them to adhere to the acceptable norms, over time resorting to more forceful means, such as blocking.

List of policies and guidelines


  • Copyrights: Unless specified otherwise, the text on the RuneScape Players Wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0.
  • Editing policy: Anyone may contribute to RuneScape Players Wiki articles.
  • Use common sense: If a rule hinders you from improving the wiki, use common sense and disregard the rule.
  • What the RuneScape Players Wiki is not: (1) The RuneScape Players Wiki is an encyclopedia; therefore, articles do not need to include every detail about players. Rather, articles should be a summary of accepted knowledge regarding its subject. (2) The RuneScape Players Wiki is not a democracy or any other political system.

Behaviour and conduct

  • Assume good faith: Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, assume that a user's actions on the wiki were an attempt to help improve it, not hurt it.
  • Civility: Participate in a respectful way, and do not direct insults at another.
  • Consensus: Consensus is based on the quality of arguments given by various sides of an issue. Consensus can change at any time.
  • Don't edit user pages: Under normal circumstances, do not edit someone else's userpage.
  • Edit warring: Do not use edits to fight with each other; try to resolve conflicts through discussion.
  • Gaming the system: Use common sense and don't play games with policies and guidelines.
  • Status and opinion-weight: An editor's status, popularity, or in-game experience does not affect the validity of their opinions.
  • Talk pages: Talk pages should be used for improving the wiki, not for expressing personal opinions on a subject or user. User talk pages are used to send messages to users; these messages do not have to relate to the user.


  • Citing sources: Citations are important in identifying where information from an article has come from. Only reliable sources should be cited. Information about players that is not directly related to their gaming careers must be verifiable.
  • Images and media policy: The images and media policy describes the preferred quality, name and usage of files in articles. All files should have a suitable licensing tag added them.
  • Manual of Style: The Manual of Style outlines a standard of consistent formatting for articles on this wiki.
  • Neutral point of view: All RuneScape Players Wiki articles should not take sides, but should explain them fairly and without bias.
  • Redirects: Redirects aid users in reaching a page they may be looking for.
  • Stubs: An article that provides insufficient information and is capable of expansion should be marked as a stub.


  • Criteria for speedy deletion: The criteria for speedy deletion specify the cases in which administrators may bypass deletion discussion and immediately delete RuneScape Players Wiki pages.
  • Deletion policy: Administrators have the ability to delete and undelete pages in accordance to deletion policies and deletion discussions.
  • Proposed deletion: Proposed deletion is the way to suggest an article is an uncontroversial candidate for deletion, but does not meet the more stringent criteria for speedy deletion.


  • Administrators: Administrators are users trusted to extra tools on the RuneScape Players Wiki. They are expected to use their tools fairly and not to gain advantage in a dispute.
  • AutoWikiBrowser: AutoWikiBrowser is a program that makes performing tedious repetitive tasks quicker and easier. Users should check every edit they make using the tool, not make any controversial changes with it without achieving consensus, and follow all policies and guidelines when using the software.
  • Blocking policy: Users and IP addresses may be blocked to help prevent disruption on the RuneScape Players Wiki.
  • Bots: Bots must be harmless, useful, have approval, and be operated responsibly.
  • Protection policy: Pages may be temporarily or permanently protected based on criteria.
  • Rollback: The rollback tool should only be used to revert vandalism or edits that you have made.