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Administrators can protect and unprotect pages. The majority of pages on the wiki should remain publicly editable, and not protected. Pages may, however, be temporarily or permanently protected.

Full protection and semi-protection

Full protection involves preventing a page from being edited by users without administrator abilities. Semi-protection prevents editing by IP addresses and users that are not autoconfirmed.

Using full protection or semi-protection

Full protection and semi-protection should normally be used in the following instances:

  1. To protect highly viewed or transcluded pages
  2. Talk pages of blocked users if they abuse their ability to appeal blocks
  3. Editing disputes
  4. Persistent vandalism
  5. User requests protection of their user page
  6. Subject of article requests protection of page

Creation protection

Creation protection prevents a page from being recreated. It should be used if a page is repeatedly created despite previously being deleted. A list of protected titles can be found at Special:ProtectedTitles. If you wish to recreate a page protected from creation, contact an administrator.

Move protection

Move protection protects a page from being moved. It should usually be applied to:

  1. Pages subject to persistent page-move vandalism.
  2. Pages subject to a page-name dispute.
  3. Highly visible pages that have no reason to be moved.

Upload protection

Upload protected files cannot be replaced by a newer version except by an administrator. It should be applied to:

  1. Files subject to upload vandalism.
  2. Files subject to a dispute between editors.
  3. Highly used files.

Cascading protection

Cascading protection fully protects a page, and extends this protection to any pages transcluded on the page. This includes templates and files on the wiki. Cascading protection should rarely be used, and is generally discouraged.


  1. Do not make the common mistake of protecting pages unnecessarily. For example, do not protect a page simply because it is the main page.
  2. Do not protect a page you are involved in an edit dispute over.
  3. Temporarily protected pages should not be left protected for very long.
  4. Talk pages and user talk pages should normally not be protected except in extreme circumstances.
  5. The protection of a page on any particular version is not meant to express support for that version. Do not edit a page protected because of a dispute to change it to another version.

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