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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Redirects aid users in reaching a page they may be looking for.

A redirect is a page that sends the reader to another page or section in order to help users get to the page they may be looking for. This page explains how redirects should be used on this wiki. For technical help on how redirects work, see Help:Redirect.

Creating redirects

Redirects can be created for a number of reasons:

Deleting redirects

Redirects can be deleted for the following reasons:

  • The redirect is offensive, such as redirecting Zezima sucks to Zezima
  • It constitutes spam
  • It makes no sense, such as redirecting Zezima to Jagex Moderator
  • It redirects to another namespace; for example, redirecting Example to User:Example
  • It redirects to a page that does not exist

Double redirects

A redirect that points to another redirect is considered a double redirect. The problem is the software does not follow chains of multiple redirects. For this reason, they should be removed.

This problem most often arises when moving pages—after moving a page, make sure that no pages redirect to the old title using "What links here". A full list of double redirects can be found here.

Suppressing redirects

Users with the suppressredirect right (such as bots and administrators) can prevent a redirect from being created when moving one page to another by unchecking the "Leave a redirect behind" option. A redirect should generally only be suppressed when renaming pages in your own user space, files, categories, or reverting page-move vandalism.