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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: The rollback tool should only be used to revert vandalism or edits that you have made.

The rollback feature is a tool that allows a user to revert all of the edits by one user on a page to the last edit by a different user in one click. This feature should only be used:

  • To revert obvious vandalism
  • To revert edits that you have made

Any other edits, such as possible good faith edits, should be undone with a reason. If you are in doubt, provide a reason for the revert in the edit summary. This is done so that the user reverting can explain why they are reverting the edit, for the benefit of both the original editor and any other users looking through the article's history.

Because rollback only takes a single click, users may sometimes accidentally revert an edit. If this occurs, simply revert your edit with an edit summary explaining the revert was accidental. If rollback is used accidentally instead of undo to revert a good faith edit, simply make a dummy edit with an edit summary such as "Accidental use of rollback - reason for reversion".

To request rollback permission, contact an active bureaucrat and request the rights. Users should have a history of undoing vandalism before getting the tools.