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A split is a non-automated procedure in which the content of a page is split into two or more pages.

Proposing a split

Potentially controversial page splits should go through a discussion. Perform the following steps:

  1. On the talk page, leave a message explaining why you think the page should be split.
  2. Add {{requested split|page to be split into}} to the page to be split. You can also specify the heading of the split discussion by appending |header=heading title to the template (see documentation for examples).

If there has not been any opposition to the merger for several weeks, or there is consensus to split the page, you may close the discussion and split the pages.

How to split

Perform the following steps to split an article into two or more:

  1. Copy all or some of the content from the source page and move the content to the page to be split into.
  2. Check Special:WhatLinksHere for the source page and see if any links would be more appropriate to the split page.

Split requests

Title Discussion
Fargrist and Vivathia Link

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