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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: An editor's status, popularity, or in-game experience does not affect the validity of their opinions.

There are many editors and users who use the RuneScape Players Wiki, ranging from Wikia staff, to bureaucrats, to administrators, to normal editors, to anonymous editors. It is possible that a user making an argument is a Player Moderator, a Forum Moderator, etc. However, at no time may a user's wiki permissions, gaming experience or any other factor regarding that user's status affect the validity of his or her opinions in disputes. Simply put, it's not about the person who makes an argument, it's about the argument they make that matters.

Status and opinion-weight in determining consensus

Consensus, the method used to make wiki-wide binding decisions, does not count votes. Instead, the arguments made by both sides are "weighed", considering the validity of arguments, paying little attention to the number of people who are on each side of the argument. In order for this system to work, a user's status, especially their user group membership, cannot make their opinion "weigh" more or less than anyone else's, as devaluing a user's opinions for this reason is simply unfair. To summarize, it's not who made the point that matters; it's the point itself that matters.

Notes regarding

RuneScape and Jagex authorities

Although the figures of authority around RuneScape and Jagex generally know the rules better, player moderators who normally reply to a question may or may not know any more about RuneScape itself than any knowledgeable player. For this reason, the words of player moderators do not have more authority than those of normal players.

Wiki users

A wiki is not based on any form of hierarchy. Administrators and bureaucrats, are trusted members of the wiki community recognised for reliable edits are not given authority over other players in decisions; all major decisions must be made by the community. No statement made by an administrator or other authority can be enforced as if it were a policy purely based on the fact that an administrator said it, and only rules determined by consensus can be enforced.

Experienced in-game players

Many players have extensive experience within the game, and some may think their edits have more value because they know more. However, on the wiki, this does not matter; correct information added by a new player is no less correct than the same information added by a veteran.