A to-do list represents a list of tasks that have yet to be completed on the wiki. To suggest a list of tasks to-do on the wiki, leave a comment below.


  1. Articles:
    1. J-Mods (page to be updated)
    2. Famous players (page to be updated)
    3. General
  2. Create navigational boxes for the following and add them to the relevant pages:
    1. RuneScape 3 players
    2. Jagex Moderators
    3. Video makers
    4. Non-members
    5. Players with level 9 Constitution
    6. Level 3 skilling pures
    7. Account types (e.g., skill pure, combat pure)
  3. Merge date articles (e.g., 1 March, 2 March etc. into March)
  4. Go through all the articles on the wiki and if necessary:
    1. Bold the first instance of the title
    2. Remove File:Placeholder
    3. Correct spelling and grammar
    4. Tag and remove pages that meet the criteria for speedy deletion
  5. Update RuneScape Players Wiki:Community Portal

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