Total level 2487
Combat level 138
Other names The Noob

Mod Simon

Nationality British
Known for YouTube videos

RuneShark, known outside RuneScape as Simon Archer, is a player and a video maker who currently lives in Exeter, Uk. He, Rune Shark (and formerly Born for PvM), create videos under the YouTube alias of RuneSharkVideos.

Their current solo video series is RuneShark's aim for a Completionist Cape. RuneSharkVideos' top-rated video series is the Godsword Set From Scratch (GSSFS) series.

He has obtained the Max Cape as of June 16, 2012, having 99 in all his stats excluding 120 Dungeoneering. As of October 22, 2012 he is ranked 5,533rd on the hiscores. He is popular in the RuneScape YouTube Community at the moment due to the fact that RuneSharkVideos is the 6th most subscribed RuneScape video channel on YouTube.

Rune Shark is the inspiration for a saying becoming popular in the RuneScape YouTube community, "Simon's a noob". He is also called an 'Elf Stripper' or recently "Simon is parched". These jokes are often posted on their RuneScape videos. 

Simon was hacked on the 5th of November 2012, appearing to have stolen a party hat from a 'fan', but since then has gotten his account back.

On 29th May 2013, both James and Simon have announced that they have quit playing RuneScape as they don't find the game exciting or fun anymore.

They still went to Runefest 2013 though and during January 2014, Simon was found playing 'Sinkholes' in-game.  In early February, Simon achieved level 111 Dungeoneering. Simon has confirmed that he started playing the game again but tells viewers not to expect videos on a common basis.

Simon and his partner James are currently working for Jagex as Live stream specialists.

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