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Not to be confused with RuneShark.
Rune Shark
Rune Shark.png
Total level 2,473
Combat level 138
Other names Mod James
Known for YouTube videos

Rune Shark (Mod James), known outside RuneScape as James Pitt, is a RuneScape player and a video maker. He creates videos with his friend RuneShark. As of May 2013, their channel RuneSharkVideos has nearly 160,000 subscribers. They are best known for their guides, discussion-based content, and their "Godsword Set From Scratch" series (previously featuring Born For PvM). James announced in June 2014 that he had started working for Jagex.

Video making and streaming

James and his friend Simon, known by his RuneScape name RuneShark, originally ran a website where they posted guides on various elements of the game and maintained a forum.[1] On 10 September 2010, they created their YouTube channel RuneSharkVideos,[2] where they began uploading video versions of the guides. They created several video series on this channel, including "Barrows Burglars", in which the goal is to attain every item in the Barrows chest.[3] One of their most popular series is "Godsword Set From Scratch", where they try to obtain a full godsword set starting from nothing.[4]

RuneSharkVideos began live streaming content in January 2012, using Twitch, but soon after switched to YouTube live streaming. This was an instant hit, with over 11,000 people tuning in to watch James attempt the Fight Kiln on the day of release. On 29 May 2012, RuneShark attempted the Queen Black Dragon multiple times upon release with over 12,000 people watching it live. James has since begun streaming on Twitch again.

James has level 99 in all combat skills, and is attempting to obtain the max cape. His total level is 2,473 as of 7 June 2014.[5] On 29 May 2013, they said they were going to quit making RuneScape-related YouTube videos after making one more video.[6] Their final planned video, released on 3 June 2013, contained a collection of clips highlighting some of their previously released videos.[7] However, on 22 February 2014, they returned to making YouTube videos.[8] As of 7 June 2014, his channel has 153,620 subscribers and 54,953,502 views.[2]

On 1 June 2014, James announced that he was starting a job at Jagex as a video live streaming specialist the following day. He will be live streaming videos across all of Jagex's products. To obtain the job, he first sent in a cover letter and application, then had an interview with four people.[9] On 29 July 2015, James announced that he was leaving Jagex.[10]

Old School RuneScape

James used an account named Sc0ooby Doo to play Old School RuneScape. He started playing the game the first day it came out, 22 February 2013.[11] On 9 March 2013, he became the first player to obtain level 85 Slayer in the game.[12] Level 85 Slayer gives one the ability to kill Abyssal demons.

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