Total level 2571
Combat level 200
Other names Rune, RFB, S A E I D
Nationality American/Middle-Eastern
Achievements Max Cape, 200m Dungeoneering exp.
Known for Clan, 200m skills
Clan Lol (Deceased), DGS

 Runefullbody (often shortened to RFB) is veteran player, who spent a great deal of time as a member of the Lol clan. When the clan disbanded, Runefullbody stayed on with the clan once Clan Support was added in April of 2011. Runefullbody remained loyal, even after most players dispersed from the clan following conflict, he stayed along until it came to the point where there was no point in being a part of a dead community. 


Runefullbody was a fan of Dungeoneering almost as soon as the skill was introduced. Upon leaving Lol, he joined Dungeonsweepers (DGS) which allowed him to be very successful. He achieved 200m Dungeoneering experience, his first 200m skill, in which he is rank 595.

He has levelled all of his skills to level 99, with (as of August 22, 2013) over 740m total experience. 

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