Ruthless Dan
Ruthless Dan.jpg
Total level 1844 (as of 17 June 2013)
Combat level 175 (as of 17 June 2013)
Known for His humor
Clan Draconic Asylum

Ruthless Dan (formerly known as henry3616) is an American RuneScape player who started playing in the summer of 2009 and since has taken multiple breaks from the game, sometimes as long as 6 months for the online game League of Legends. As of 22 November, he returned to RuneScape after nearly 4 months of inactivity.

On 1 June 2013, Ruthless Dan stated that he will not be returning to League of Legends. His reason was that the Evolution of Combat gave the game enough action that he does not "thirst for a fast paced fight".

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