Ryh cropped
Ryh training Thieving
Total level 2677[1]
Combat level 138[1]
Other names Varroq
Lions Tail
Nationality British
Clan Consentus

Ryh is a RuneScape player. He was a Warden for the former clan "Halos" before taking long break to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semi-Professionally. He is commonly found bank standing or walking around aimlessly in World 25 - specifically due to that world being his clan's home world. He recently joined "Consentus" as he discovered that his old clan had disbanded.

Ryh is a very old member. He has a 10-year veteran cape, a 5-year veteran cape and started playing the game again at 9HP. He was, at one point, one of the highest experienced 9HP'ers in the game, before deciding to level it, and gain combat overall.

His goal since coming back was to max his account as quickly as possibly starting from December - hopefully maxing by the Summer of 2015.

On January 26th, 2016, Ryh decided not to go for Max Cape, due to the release of Invention. However, he appears to have changed his mind, as he now has at least level 99 in every skill.

He plays Old School RuneScape under the name Varroq.[2]


Ryh's current goal is to max, as fast as possible.

Past that, 120 Fletching or a Completionist cape.


Achievement Date
5 Year Veteran Cape Unknown
10 Year Veteran Cape Unknown
99 Fletching 04/05/2013
99 Firemaking 13/03/2013
99 Magic 11/05/2014
99 Dungeoneering 13/05/2014
99 Woodcutting 30/11/2015
99 Attack 03/12/2015
99 Mining 09/12/2015


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