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Imposter alert! There is currently another player who has this username, but is not the player this page refers to.
S Y N I as seen from Jotedem's video of the massacre
Combat level 70 on June 6, 2006
Known for Filming the Falador Massacre

S Y N I was a pure Ranger/mage known for filming one of the four known videos of the Falador Massacre, which was the result of Durial321 abusing a bug that allowed him to attack other players. Later that summer, S Y N I appeared to quit playing RuneScape for unknown reasons.

During his recording he has an inventory full of food, along with a ranging potion, a prayer potion and an antipoison potion. He is wielding a magic shortbow while outfitted in basic "pure" equipment. In addition to this, he appears to have his range level boosted in advance, implying that he may have wanted to fight Durial321. While he does not enter direct combat with the bug abuser, he is struck for 30 damage when he is caught up in an Ice Barrage, which Durial321 cast in an attempt to trap Garthenial, a level 112 player wearing full Guthan's.