Saber Six
Total level RuneScape: 2426
Old School RuneScape: 1695
Combat level 200
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Known for Twitch streaming

Saber Six, also known as Erin, is a Twitch streamer. She joined Twitch in 2012, and has since received over 11 thousand followers as of 8 May 2014. A duck named after her, Erin, was removed from the game in May 2014.

RuneScape career

Saber Six began playing RuneScape in 2004, and she joined Twitch on 10 September 2012.[1][2] Many of her streams consist of her completing Slayer tasks. Saber Six has also been a guest streamer for the official RuneScape Twitch channel on multiple occasions: once in March 2014,[3] and once in April 2014. As of 8 May 2014, her Twitch stream has 11,203 followers, and her videos have a total of 381,883 views.[4]

On 1 May 2014, a duck model used inside the 2014 Easter Event in Old School RuneScape was moved to Falador park and renamed after Saber Six.[5][6] Mod Reach stated this was done as a "thank you for their feedback and continued effort to support the game." The duck, named Erin, was added into the game in time for the removal of the Easter event. The duck was removed from the game a week later in an update; Mod Reach explained the reason for its removal:

In retrospect, it’s clear that the decision wasn’t in line with our ethos and caused a considerable upset and division within the community, something we definitely did not intend to happen. Furthermore, the handling of the situation in regards to the removal of topics discussing the duck, whether they be positive or negative, was definitely poor.

As a result, the NPC has been removed from the game in the update which went live earlier.

Mod Reach and the Old School RuneScape team apologized for the incident.[5]


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