Saint Wilmur is a retired temple knights, who is known for being one of the original members of the temple knights and for fighting during the God Wars thus making him a God Wars veteran.


For the first 20 years of his life, Wilmur grew up in a small village somewhere in Forintry. He would practise sword fighting with his brother named Roy, and practise ranging by shooting at birds and other wildlife. One day Zamorak raiders invaded the village and destroyed everything and killed everyone in their path; including Wilmur's parents. Wilmur and his brother managed to escape and fled south where they were eventually picked up by Saradomin forces. They trained under Saradomin ranks for a while. Eventually the God Wars broke out.

Wilmur and Roy were a part of the founding members for the Temple Knights. The organization was created during the God Wars to serve and fight for Saradomin. They were some of Saradomin's most important units. Any place where there was a conflict, they were sent there to aid Saradomin troops. The Temple Knights fought in many battles throughout the God Wars including the battle of Sennisten, battle of Rylurf, and many Forintry campains. Unfortunately Roy died during the Battle of Ardougne and Wilmur was very sad for a long time. 

Near the end of the God Wars, Saradomin summoned all of the alive founding members and thanked them for their loyalty and commitment. He rewarded them by granting each of them immortality. If they die, they shall simply just respawn. 

After the God Wars, Wilmur decided to settle down somewhere in the Eastern Lands but he visits Gielinor every once in a while. So far, he has not married or not had any children. 

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