Salar Sobhi1 is known for his high levelled skilling stats. He started playing on January 2008. He is now ranked approximately in the top 300k in the RuneScape official highscores. In the beginning, he wasn't much except a "Pure Fighter". During his time he has started to get his skilling stats up at the combat level of 65. He loved the combat skill of Strength and loved getting WoodCutting up in the early stages of him starting skilling. From there he had got bored of training combat at the approximate levels of 75-80 and started his passion of skilling.

At first is was all combat, rarely getting his skilling skills up and was clearly known as a "Top Box No0b". He has always hated quests and remained wearing full rune with the chainmail for a long time. He found combat boring after reaching the RuneCrafting level of 50 after seeing so many players having outstandings levels and he wanted to be one of them. From there he has been RuneCrafting and has became a member Mid-2009 for only 1 month. He only plays on the weekends because of restrictions.

Salar Sobhi1's current stats:
Attack 66
Defence 63
Strength 70
Hitpoints 72
Ranged 74
Magic 80
Summoning 28
Hunter 53
Herblore 50
WoodCutting 80
Smithing 72
Mining 78
Fishing 77
Cooking 87
FireMaking 82
Farming 42
Construction 36
Prayer 52
Slayer 50
Thieving 53
Fletching 74
Crafting 73
Agility 50
RuneCrafting 62