Samoil is a Macedonian RuneScape player. He first became known on runescape Tumblr Community. Samoil join runscape Tumblr Community in 2012 He is known for his jokes and his funny runescape gifs and pictures and his YouTube video's and art and everyone enjoys what he makes back in 2013-2014.

Samoil player.png
Total level 2,675
Combat level 138
Other names samoil11
Nationality Macedonian Danmark
Started playing 2007-2008
Known for King Of Hell

the tumblr guy from rs

Clan Alfufie Kingdoms




samoil started playing in 2008 when Runescape HD release , after a friend showed him the game back in 2007 know as alfa cross. samoil know as samoil11 back in 2008-2014 His first 99 skill was woodcutting. In the beginning he spent most of his time woodcutting in the west of Lumbridge. After a while he came back to the game again. In 2012-2013 he started playing a lot more actively and has continued playing since. Samoil really much involved with other "famous" Runescape players back then. samoil He is very open person to chat with. He lost interest in the game for several reasons. he maybe still continued playing Runescape till this day.

Samoil went to Runefest 2016 with Emera Nova and IJensenI.

Samoil logo

picture of samoil and Ice Poseidon at runfest 2016

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Total level: 2656
AttackIcon.png 99
ConstitutionIcon.png 99
MiningIcon.png 99
StrengthIcon.png 99
AgilityIcon.png 99
SmithingIcon.png 99
DefenceIcon.png 99
HerbloreIcon.png 99
Fishing.png 99
RangedIcon.png 99
ThievingIcon.png 99
CookingIcon.png 99
PrayerIcon.png 99
CraftingIcon.png 99
FiremakingIcon.png 99
MagicIcon.png 99
FletchingIcon.png 99
WoodcuttingIcon.png 99
RunecraftingIcon.png 99
SlayerIcon.png 99
FarmingIcon.png 99
ConstructionIcon.png 99
Hunter.png 99
SummoningIcon.png 99
DungeoneeringIcon.png 99
DivinationIcon.png 99
MusicIcon.png 1080
CombatIcon.png 138
QuestIcon.png 390
TasksIcon.png 493
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