Combat level 138
Started playing N/A
Known for Tzhaar Fight Pits and Dragon Bolts(e) duplication glitch

Satanslilboy was a player in RuneScape. Satanslilboy was a player during the golden era of Tzhaar Fight Pits circa 2005 - 2008, most notable for his maxed combat level and divine spirit shield at the time. He was renowned for being a dominant force within World 79 at Fight Pits tournaments.[1]

On 2nd March 2010, Jagex released a statement on the homepage concerning the Dragon Bolts(e) duplication glitch which a number of players had heavily abused for personal gain. Although Jagex never released the names of the players who took part in the glitch, they did release a list of the ten highest-leveled players(by skill total and days played) who we're banned.[2]

Jagex had stated they wanted to make an example of these players by ensuring that a ban could happen to anyone regardless of account statistics. It was quickly speculated and finally confirmed on fan sites that Satanslilboy was the player with 1004 days played and had been banned due to abusing the glitch.[3]


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